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Well-known member
Dec 15, 2001
My friend got a job today, flying a lear 55 in FLL area. He just had 1100 hrs but tons of multi time being an instructor. I'm really happy for him and specially thinking that someone got hired in these tough days of hiring. Many congratulations to him......
gives hope to everyone

Check that its three greens.....
Congrats to your friend. I just hope he was not hired by the same company operating Lear 55s that my friend just quit. Seems a certain company tries intimidating its pilots into taking off way over max gross wt, flying over a 16 hour duty day, finding their own hotels, sleep in the airplane, and try to get creative with the FARs to keep the operation going.

I don't know the name of the company he was working for, but he relayed these experiences to me and since he felt the operation was crappy, he quit. Best of luck.


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