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Good name for a flight school?

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Well-known member
Dec 19, 2001
Any of you former or current CFI's know of any cool names for a flight school?
*Serious responses only please. I've already heard the "Money Pit" and "Bankrupt Flyers" jokes already
I always liked the name used in an old soda commercial (forget what brand). It showed worried instructors with their students trimming the hedges with the propeller and other crazy kind of stuff.

The name of the operation:

"Kiwi Flight School"

For those NOT in the know, the Kiwi is a flightless bird native to New Zealand. Being from New Zealand is strange enough in it's own right! (Just kidding all you Kiwi's out there!)

Now that's a great name!

Good Luck To Us All!
Gear Up Aviation ;)
"F#%*!stick's Flight Academy"

"Fartwind Aviation"

"Stupid-R-Us Flying Service"

"What?AndGetOutOf Aviation"

Just knock'n around ideas. :(

Always good choices:


"________ Flight School" (Your name...unless you name is "Osama" or "Krash")

"________ Flight School" (Name of town...unless you live in "Truth or Consequences, New Mexico", or "Student Pilot Killed in Air Crash, Idaho")

"Big Sky"

"Alpha Aviation" (Phonetic alphabet works well...except "W", for obvious reasons...)
Don't use, Tab Express.... you might have a few angry people outside looking for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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