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Good IFR Proficiency Programs

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The Man
Nov 27, 2001
Hello all,

I need to know of a good IFR proficiency program that may or may not be out there.

I'm thinking a few hours in a single..a few in a twin. I want to do it in a few days, but get much much more out of it...than just flying approaches, holding etc...

Any neat places to go would be appreciated on my side.

Thanks a bunch!

I know Simcom has a really nice facility in Orlando, Fl, I've been there a few times. They have an instrument refresher course that isn't too expensive. You could check out their web site at www.simulator.com

Hope I helped!
IFR Proficiency

I usually come out in favor of organized, institutional programs, but here's what I'd do. Unless you need such a program for insurance or something, I'd go to your local airport, set aside some time, find an instrument instructor you like and respect, block out several hours of airplane and/or sim time, and ask the instructor to put you through the wringer for an ICC. Ask the instructor to take you on cross-countries, have you shoot tons of approaches, put you in a variety of holds, partial panel, unusual attitudes, filing in flight, picking up a clearance in flight, the whole ball of wax. You'll get the proficency you want and will likely spend less money. Maybe the instructor can work in a BFR as well.

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