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Good ALTITUDE questions/answers

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Well-known member
Jan 11, 2002
Time to update some of the material...

Whose got some good / unique questions and answers for students on topics ranging from:

Density Altitude
Pressure Altitude

I love asking those kinds of questions.

1) At the same BHP as you go up in altitude what happens to fuel flow?

2) As temp. increaces what happens to TAS?

3) (For commercial students) Where would you want your C.G. to be (within limits) on a cross country?

4) How can you figure out P.A. and D.A. without a flight computer?

5) (For people who only train at sea level airports) What will your manifold pressure guage read if takeing off in Denver as apposed to sea level?
Question: How could you calculate Density Altitude without using an E-6B (manual or electronic)?


DA = FE + 1000 *(29.92 - QNH) + 120*(T-ST)


DA = Density Altitude
FE = Field Elevation
QNH = Local altimeter setting
T = OAT in degrees centigrade
ST = standard tyemperature for the Pressure Altitude as derived from the first part of the equation (FE + 1000 *(29.92-QNH))

For instance, if
FE =2900 feet
QNH = 29.82
T = 26
PA = 2900 + 1000*(29.92-29.82) = 2900+100=3000
ST = 15-(3000/1000)*2=9
DA=PA + 120*(15-9)=3000+120*6=3720.

How close did I get?
Thats the formula I except 110(T-ST) in the last part.
Okay jaybird,
You win the best avatar award! reminds me of the old joke with the punch line: "...Why do you ask, Two-Dogs-Humping?"
I used the jpeg shrinker so now you can see the whole picture.

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