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Gonna get my CFI, where should I do it?

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Feb 16, 2002
Hey guys, I am looking to gt my CFI and CFII. Just wondering where I should do it. I am willing to relocate anywhere. Should I go to a specialized school that has intensive programs or just do it on my own time. Plus do you guys know of any place that are in need of CFI's
Congrats on making the move to get your CFI tickets. Its a whole new world and your path, if you so choose, to the next level of aviation - not to mention fun.

There have been several threads on where and how to get a CFI... search past threads and many of your questions will be answered.

Good Luck!
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CFI schools

A lot depends on how much you want to spend and the type of training you want to receive.

Any of the major commercial flight schools, such as FlightSafety in Vero Beach or Pan Am, offer CFI courses. I don't know if you can go to Comair just to get a CFI. I know FlightSafety's course because I taught it once upon a time. It is thorough, and expensive. But, you do get very comprehensive training. As always, much depends on your instructor.

Sheble Aviation in Las Vegas, http://shebleaviation.com/ , offers a quick course for less money. I went to Sheble for my ATP years ago. Very informal. The course is accelerated and I don't know how thorough it is, but I haven't read any complaints.

Finally, Airman Flight School in Norman, Oklahoma, http://www.airmanflightschool.com , is supposed to have a pretty good and fast program. Moreover, you can't beat the barbecue in Ada, Oklahoma, just .8 away! :)

Hope these ideas help. Good luck with your training.
Do your training at a school that will have students for you to train, and more importantly, multi students for you to train.

I recently faced the problem of finding a job as an experienced instructor. Most places want to hire from their trainee base, and that makes it difficult if you are an unknown quantity to them.

Plan ahead.
It really depends on where you want to instruct when you get done. If you are going back home (wherever) that is, then it really doesn't matter if they will hire you or not. I'm at American Flyers right now and it seems to be a thorough course. It includes about 120 hours of ground and about 10 hours in the airplane. It includes both the CFI and CFII. They teach you how to teach and then you prepare lesson plans and teach the class. Then everyone gets together and critiques the lesson and discusses where improvements can be made. I think it's important to pick a school where you will get to practice teach. This way, when you stand up to teach for the examiner during the oral, it won't be your first time. AF has locations all over the country and is priced at $2495. It takes about 30 days and you take your checkrides after. The Orlando school has had a lot of first time passes for the initial. That's saying a lot considering the FSDO in Orlando. Everyone in last month's class passed the first time. It's very instructional and is worth a look. Check out the following link.

I went to Sheble's about a year ago and was very happy with it. We were able to do it before they raised the price, but I still think its a killer deal. They guarentee you like 10 or 15 hours of flight time, but I ended up getting close to 20.....at no extra charge. We basically had our own private instructor for the week and learned alot.....Shebles get's critized for being fast, but they are pretty serious with it...it is an intese week. The guy who I did my with even ended up failing his first check ride....(they let him retake at no extra charge though)....you love it. If you have any questions, PM me.

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