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GO-480 Overhaul?$

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
Anyone know how much an overhaul on a GO-480 is running? Are there any other engines which would replace this powerplant? Thanks.
I think it can be pretty expensive. I've heard that it costs $20K just to overhaul the planetary gearbox.

Why? You lookin at a 560E?

AOPA's A/C valuation lists an overhaul for the GO-480 at $29,000. Obviously you can't get factory remans.

If you were looking at 560Fs with IGO-540s, they list at $37,000 a piece on AOPA.

Because "overhaul" can mean just about anything, it's impossible to answer. It all depends what needs to be done. In some cases, overhaul means inspect and replace as necessary, and in others, it's going to be a lot of replacing regardless of what needs to be done. Frequently, very little gets done if things are still in spec.

What would replace this powerplant? Just about anything would be an improvement.
I could not find any STCs for converting the Twin Commanders with GO-480s to anything else. I also did not see any STCs converting the Beech 50s or the Helios to anything else...

I can't think of any other major models that use GO-480s...

What kind of plane are you asking about? There may be an STC to replace it.

I certaintly was not...

I've never flown a Twin Commander....

But I'm sorta thinking about being "in the market" for a 500A or 560E to restore (right after the '49 White Truck I've got in my shop)

But that's sort of on the back burner, I've got the keys to a 310 on my keychain now...


PS-if anyone is in the New Mexico area and wants to give me a ride in a Twin Commander... :)

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