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GNS-XLS Question

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Feb 19, 2002
I'm trying to see if there are any experts out there that answer this. ATC gave us a clearance the other day that we weren't sure how to enter into this box. They told us to fly a J-route and intercept another J-route. Trouble is that there was no intersection where the two J-route intersect. Is there a way to enter this into the GNS? We looked in the book and never found anything that addresses this item. So, we ended up using the VOR's and FMS and got it done, but just curious if anyone know the format. Thanks for the help.
The XLS is a POS, We had one on an old G2. I would have gone back to Raw DATA.
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99% of the time I fly the departures with raw data/analog/VOR's and once it is obvious the box won't fly me into a mountainside I activiate the GNS-XLS nav mode
If you have a moving map, enter the first J-route to the first waypoint PAST the point where the two J-routes cross. Then make the next point on the flight plan the waypoint on the second J-route BEFORE the two cross. Then enter the remainder as normal. This will give you a triangle course line on the moving map, with the apex as the intersection of the two J-routes where you need to turn.

You then watch the moving map closely and when the aircraft is almost to the apex of the triangle, you hit "direct to" the SECOND point of the SECOND J-route, and you'll be established on the new J-route. Or, when you get close to the apex, sync HDG and go to HDG mode, set up to intercept the course from the waypoint on the second J-route BEHIND were you are to the one that you want to go to, and arm NAV mode.

Your total distance and time will obviously be off until you are established on the second J-route, but that's about all I can think of to make it work totally in NAV mode.

Of course, raw data might be easier until you are established too.
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If you have the patience, measure out the mileage from the nearest waypoint (YYYYY) from the intersection on the two airways to get a radial/distance of where they intersect.

In FPL, program the airway as you would normally, #JXX to that waypoint then enter an offset fix in the flightplan by entering YYYYY*, on the OFFSET WPT screen, enter the RAD and DIS to define the airway intersection. Next fix would be the next nearest waypoint on the other airway.

That's the only way I can think of doing it.
Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate all the ideas and I'll see if any of them work with any ease. Thanks again for the help.
What avionics suite are you using? If it's PL-2 or PL-4 you have a slew function on your MFD and can create a waypoint using the slew.
Well since no one has answered your question, I'll give it a shot.

No. The GNS is not capable of this entry.

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