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Global Alliance Academy of Flight

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Dax Roy

New member
Jul 24, 2002
Is anyone familiar with Global Alliance Academy of Flight, formerly known as Enterprise Airline Academy (EAA)? The school is located at Centennial Airport in Englewood, CO. I drove from Louisiana to tour this school in August 2000. At that time, the school was called Enterprise Airline Academy (EAA) and was relatively new. Needless to say, I never began flight training (personal and financial reasons prevailed). I'd like to hear if anyone has been through their program or has heard anything about it. I know that EAA had some type of interview agreement with Great Lakes Airlines.

Enterprise's training program was ab initio and airlined structured with ALL flight training done in a Baron. The owner of Enterprise, Mr. Vogel, even let me ride in the back on the Baron while the student and instructor did ten T/G's in the pattern. After the T/G's that student told me that the Baron was the only airplane he has ever flown and that he had just solo'ed recently in that Baron.
Enterprise Airline Academy

I know about as much about the place as you, but thought I'd chime in anyway. The Denver Post ran an article about the place about two years ago. The article was by Jeff Lieb and appeared in the Sunday business section of the paper. The article talked about several students, including a dog groomer and a construction worker, who were training there with hopes of becoming Lakers. I remember thinking the article was terribly one-sided and read like one of those "YOU CAN BE AN AIRLINE PILOT IN ONLY ELEVEN MONTHS!!" ads. I wrote Mr. Lieb an e-mail saying as much.

One time, just for fun, I was in the neighborhood of Centennial, and decided to take a look at the place. I recall that it was on the second floor of one of the hangar buildings. I went in incognito and noticed there was a sim going on. I didn't see any aircraft. I was familiar with its digs because I had worked either in that building or the hangar next door; in any event, I expected a more impressive facility.

I've wondered about the place as well. It apparently is still going. http://www.enterpriseairlineacademy.com is the web page.

Hope that helps a little.
I had the same feelings too when I visited. Nothing much was going on and there wasn't a whole lot of activity in the office. I looked around and I didn't see many airplanes either. But the next thing I knew I was in the back of one of their Barons.

BTW the Baron I flew in was an ex-military Baron. I have photos from my experience there if someone wants to see.

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