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Glider Rating

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Dec 16, 2001
I am looking for some info about getting my glider rating. Just some idea on what it would take for me to get it in terms of time and money. Also if anyone knows of anywhere in Southeast Wiscosin where I could do it at. I just want to get it because I think it would be something fun and different to do. Thanks for the info in advance.

In Wisconsin, the Soaring Society of America gives the following sites, and states that each provides instruction, and doesn't require you to be a member. You will need at least 10 instructional flights and 10 solo flights. There is no set hour requirement. Ultimately, it's a matter of proficiency. Plan on between seven hundred and a thousand dollars to add on the rating.

I've also included some links to other areas that offer glider instruction. Right now, your best bet will be to travel and knock it out in a short period, unless you happen to live near an airport where there is much soaring in the winter (Flatland isn't known for it's outstanding soaring in the winter).

There are a number of places in Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and California that offer soaring instruction year-round. I have some links below to a few places. I didn't include the link, but you can easily find some info on Minden, NV, on the web. That place is extremely busy doing glider instruction all the time. You can get cheap accomodations in Reno, nearby. Good luck!!

Hubertus, WI
Wisconsin Soaring Society
Based at Hartford Airport, Hartford, WI, 30 miles northwest of Milwaukee. Week days by prior arrangement. Aero tow only.

Land 'O Lakes, WI
Barry Aviation Inc.
Airplane & Sailplane Rides.

Manitowoc, WI
Magnus Aviation Inc
Located at MTW Manitowoc County Airport - I43 to Hwy 10 East for 2 miles, turn left unto North Rapids Rd. 1 mile turn right onto Menasha Blvd immediately past railorad tracks turn left to airport. The following are availabel at Magnus Aviation: aircraft rental of single engine, motor glider, & tail wheel, aircraft maintenance, hanger & tie-down available. Specialize in aircraft sales & leasing of Cessan, Diamond, American Champion & Stemme. Aircraft include: Motor Glider, C172, C182, & Champ.

Sheboygan Falls, WI
Magnus Aviation Inc
Located at SBM Sheboygan County Memorial Airport - I43 to Hwy 23 West, 6 miles to Cty TT, North 1 mile to airport.
The following are available at Magnus Aviation: Flight & ground instruction, aircraft maintenance, charter services, hanger, & tie-down, twin-engine and tail wheel instruction, glider and seaplane ratings. Specialize in aircraft sales and leasing of Cessna, Diamond, American Champion & Stemme. Aircraft: Motor Gilder, Champ, C172, C182, Aztec, Seaplane - Amphib.

Sturtevant, WI
Sylvania Soaring Adventures
South on I-94 to Exit 333 (Wisc Route 20)West on Route 20 to Sylvania Ave. (west Frontage Road), south on Sylvania Ave. 1 1/2 miles to Sylvania Airport.















Thanks for the info. I would like to go somewhere down south and just get it done quick, but my current flying job won't let me do that so I will just have to wait until the summer and do it then. I had forgot all about the club over in Hartford since that is only like 40 min from where I live. Thanks for the info again.
Glider schools

Owl Canyon Gliderport, near Fort Collins, Colorado, http://www.soarcsa.org. I took a flight at Owl Canyon 7½ years ago and might get my ratings there sometime.

Another well-known facility near Colorado Springs is the Black Forest Gliderport. Sorry, couldn't find a link for it.
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My local glider port in Florida told me probably just a few hundred bucks to add on the glider rating.

Avbug, Are you with the FAA? I have only heard of a couple of guys with "ALL RATINGS" and flown all airplanes. Flying Magaxzine did an article about what I thought was the last one a couple of years ago.

The FAA makes me break out in hives, actually.

I am a pathetically-less-than-active Aviation Safety Counselor for the FAA, which doesn't mean much...but they give you a really neat certificate to go on the wall.

I have five different certificates from the FAA, which is also relatively meaningless (that, plus a buck fifty, will get an 8 oz cup of watered-down coffee, provided one passes a credit check). I suppose if I were single and younger and slightly better looking than Shrek, I could show them to girls, or something. It wasn't so bad until a couple of years ago when I asked for a different certificate number; my old one was my ssn. Instead of changing the number, I got five different numbers, and I had a hard enough time remembering my ssn (I have a devil of a time remembering my address and home phone number).

I'm lacking a piston FE; I was ready to do it in a C-97, and then a Connie, but twarant to be. One of these days. And I still have my parachute rigger to do. I was going to do that last year, but you know how "was going to do" goes. Maybe this year.

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