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Abe Froman

Active member
Mar 20, 2002
I got a call today from an old college pal. He went to his eye doctor this week and got diagnozed with glaucoma. He is in his mid thirties and pretty freaked out out his flying future. He said he has no symptoms yet and sees 20/10 corrected.

I don't know what to tell him. He is currently flying 121 captain with a small regional.

Do any of you have and experience with this?

Thanks in advance,

Abe -

I can't speak to the flying issues (check with AOPA, ALPA?), but I have several relatives with this and I believe it's very controllable with drugs.
aggipilot is right

Just as precaution I have regularly scheduled eye exams with my optomitrist every 6 months rather than every year. I have one today as a matter of fact.

However I think your buddy will be just fine. The disease is very treatable if you catch it early, and it sounds very much as if your friend has.

Thanks guys for the responses.

Also, do you know if he is technically grounded now with this diagnosis?

Fly Safe,

Again, I'm not an FAA authorize MD, but the problems with glaucoma develop over time. If there's no danger of blacking out or loosing vision with no notice, I'd say it's not a grounding issue. But I'm using common sense... this doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the govt's take on this situation.

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