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Getting free type after being furloughed

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Nov 25, 2001
I'm being furloughed on Jan 1. Does anybody have info on getting a free type rating???
The money for these type ratings is received from the wia (workers investment act). Check out the info on your state's employment web site.

I went through my local unemployment office and set up an appointment with a career counselor. She took my info and told me she had up to $5000 per individual which she could allocate for career training.

The catch was that she had to show growth in the career field to allow the money to be used. She gets this info from the National Labor Statistics web site, and other sources.Needless to say, I was turned down. I did hear of other people who got the funding though. The money is federal and the distribution is local. Every state gets so much money and they spend it until it's gone, then they wait for the next year to get more money.

The people at Higher Power know about the system, so you can call them. One other thing the career counselor told me was that if I had interviewed and been hired at a company that required the type to begin work, they would allow the release of funds.

Hope it helps, good luck.
Higher Power Aviation does Sim training. They are located in Dallas.

Check them out at www.jetcrew.com.

If anybody finds out a way to get the funding please let me know! I sure could use the type!
Wanted to add a quick note to the amounts... Some states offer more for the WIA, my state was $7,500 but the "catch" is the same... Must be in a industry that shows growth or a job that requires it. In PA, they also make you jump through a lot of hoops just to get the interview.

Got the interview but got recalled so I was no eligible any more... Start to interview was 4 1/2 weeks, interview to funding is another 3-4 weeks they were telling me...
It surprises me to hear you guys talk the way you are. In Wisconsin, the fiscal year for WIA starts in June. For 2001, the money for the ENTIRE year was gone in July. Just over a month for it to all be given away. I was told the earliest I could expect to see anything would be 2003. But since I most likely wouldn't qualify as "needy" (I already have a 4 year degree), I wouldn't even be allowed to recieve funds. The money is used mostly for 2 year degrees in Wisconsin. I'm going to check out food stamps tomorrow. I'll let the board know if furloughees qualify.
Whoever you have been talking to in sconie is wrong. They don't distribute all the money at once. I know there was another distribution on Nov. 5th. There will be money available in a couple weeks. Max in sconie is $3000. You'll need to go over all the local DWD folks and go directly to the state DWD. Try Mr. Wurl in Madison. He can usually set these local folks straight. Also contact your state rep. and state senator. They will most likely lite the fires you need to get things rolling. If they don't help go to your fed. reps. because it is fed. funds.

Wisconsin is the worst when it comes to making these gov't workers do their job. You will need to call and visit them everyday to let them know that you are serious about claiming the benefits in which you are entitled to. There is absolutely no reason that you don't qualify. I don't care if you have a PHD.

If they look at these labor statistics you usually can get around them by putting together your own proof. For Example, SWA requires it and is still hiring. You also can make a list of all the carriers who fly 37's. Point out that you are more likely to be hired with a type plus it's in one of their aircraft.

What I'm tiring to say is these folks job is to make it as hard as possible for you to get the funding. It is one way for them to find the ones who are really serious about it. I don't think it's right, but that's the way it is.

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