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Getting David Clark headset repaired.

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Jan 28, 2002
After only 2.5 years of use, my DC 13.4 headset microphone just died. I still have the reciept and the box they came in and on the box it says that there is a 5 year warranty. Has anyone ever dealt with sending their headset in to DC? I am asking because I don't want to send my headset there and wait 5 months to get it back. Just wondering if I should try to get it fixed locally or send it in? Any comments or experiences?
Just like chperplt said, UPS the headset back to them and they'll have it repaired and back to you before you know it.
I had a DC headset that was over 15 years old. I sent it in because the cord was starting to show the wire. They said I should get it refurbished. They replaced the speakers, volume control, microphone, all the wiring, just about everything except for the earcups and metal band. I got it back in less than two weeks for under $50. It's a great deal, just like new but far cheaper.
David Clark is tops when it comes to customer service. You pay a hefty premium for their headsets but they totally stand behind their product. They have also warrantied some absurd situations. They even had an ad in the mags a few years ago about a bush pilot in Alaska who lost his headset. It spent the winter outside encased in ice and he found it in the spring. Your problem is a rare example. I've had my 13.4s for 10 years and they still work great.
I just got back from the bar across the street from D.C.and they are still there.Looks like the factory will be open in the morning to take care of all your needs as they have for the last 65 plus years.Go ICECATS!!!:cool:

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