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Getting around NYC from LGA

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Nov 27, 2001
Can anyone help me with info on using the bus and subway to get into Manhattan (sp?). Around central park. I looked up the metro site and couldn't even begin to figure out the bus/subway maps transfer stuff. It seem that there are 2 busses that leave from the main terminal (M60 and Qsomething). Do these go into the city or just to some subway stop? Can you buy a metro card at the terminal?
Also similar info on BOS if anyone knows.

Happy Flying
At the main terminal, ground transportation, catch the 33 bus and take it to the Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Avenue subway station. Just tell the driver that's where you want off. They couldn't be nicer about helping out.

At the subway, look for signs to the yellow "R" train westbound. Hop on that for about 15-20 mins to the 5th Avenue station. You are now at the southeast corner of Central Park (in a neighborhood you can't afford). I suggest taking a cab to anywhere around the park from there.

If you want to go to WTC, catch the red "2" train on the southwest corner of the park (58th or 59th Street, not sure) and take it south to Chambers Street, then walk south.

By the way, all of this works nicely in reverse to get back to LGA.

Have a great time. I'm jealous.
BOS gouge, lower level ground transportation, terminals A or B catch the Massport #22 bus to the T stop, terminal C, D, or E catch the #33 bus to the T stop. One buck per ride or get a pass for a few days if you are sticking around, the Blue line stops at the airport, catch the inbound line and get off at Aquarium or State. Either is in downtown BOS. The T system is really great.

FL000's reponse is absolutely right on. I would like to add to allow yourself a generous amount of time. It has taken me up to 90 minutes to ride from Manhatten to LGA via the route.
Dude...Take the M60 from infront of the terminal at LGA. Get off at the Astoria station. Go over the footbridge to the train station, and take the N train into Manhatten. It stops at Grand Central, Times square, or take it all the way downtown......Rector St is the closest to WTC. Buy a $3 day pass, it gets you on any train or bus all day.....enjoy!

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