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Getting a Job

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It depends what you define as a "good" job. Chances are no, just assuming what you might mean. Right now jobs are really tight. But you might be able to get an instructing job. Although the pay may not be that great, the experience you will gain is invaluable-so you may classify this as a "good" job. I don't know what it is like these days, but some people get lucky or just happen to know the right people and are able to land a decent first job.
Good Luck.

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Basically no matter where you do your training, when you are done you will have around 250 hours.... pretty much the only jobs you will be qualified for are:

Flight Instructing
Banner Towing
Flying Traffic Watch
Flying Pipeline patrol
and maybe flying skydivers (sky divers don't care if you are a good pilot or not, they are all wearing parachutes!)

I HIGHLY recommend Flight Instructing... you will learn more BEING a Flight Instructor than you learned while doing all your training... it is really great experience... I think it should be mandatory for all pilots to give at least 500 hours of dual given (thats how good I feel the CFI experience is)... Out of my 7,000 hours, I have over 1,600 dual given.... It was fun and a tremendous learning experience!

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