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Getting a gate pass?

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What happens now?
Jan 14, 2002
Hey guys.

Is it possible to get a gate pass to meet someone on an incoming flight? I am currently on furlough, so I don't have any other way of going to the gates. Should I try talking to the ticket agent?

You can try, but I don't think it will do any good. I'm finding even harder no to jumpseat out of citys that do not serve US Air without first going to the ticket counter and getting a jumpseat pass. Especially so if I'm out of uniform.

They are very strict about letting only ticketed assengers through the security checkpoints. I think you will have to wait for your party outside.
They wouldn't let me goto the gate to pick up my 11 year old sister, because we had diffrent last names, even though on the UM thing I was listed as the person picking her up.
buy a refundable ticket

Buy a fully refundable ticket to anywhere on someone that goes out of that concourse for that day. Then on the way home, just call up the reservations and tell them to refund your eticket back to your credit card.

Thats one way, or if you can just get away with making a reservation online that will give you a printout to get past security you can do that to!

Good luck! Hope that helps!
I couldn't get a gate pass to help my wife carry her wedding dress when she was leaving for our wedding. And they charged me 75 bucks for the "extra bag" she had to check. :mad: :mad:
I have never had a problem with going beyond security, all I do is show my ID and they let me by without question. It helps to be in uniform, but I have done it a few times in jeans and a T-Shirt, I just wear my ID and show it to them and say I need to talk to the gate agent, or that I am meeting someone and I have never had a problem. I don't fly for an airline either, I am a cargo pilot, but I do have J/S agreements with most carriers. I guess maybe I am just lucky, or maybe it is just attitude, just be nice and friendly and it usually works out just fine.

Good Luck.

Thanks, guys.

Thanks for the responses. I called the airline and they told me they only give them out for meeting unaccompanied minors and stuff like that. Rats.

I hate today's airport environment. It's no fun anymore. I used to love just going there and hanging out in the terminals, going to the gates and watching departing and arriving flights, just being in the environment. Part of me is hoping to be recalled just so I can freely move around the airport again.

This sucks. I really hope one day it gets back to the way it was.

We need to bring the romance back to it.

Fly safe.
I know that my mom has in the past told them she was picking up elderly people that need some help with their things, and she has been able to get a gate pass. I think it was on Continental.

Good luck

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