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Get a load of this guy...

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Well-known member
Mar 29, 2005
You would at first write this guy off as some kook, but he is the executive vice president at republic Financial Corp. Just goes to show what those who sit in the ivory towers with golden parachutes think of our profession. He obivously has no idea how much money, time and effort it takes to become one of these extremely overpaid folks. Also, the responsibility, time away from the family...blah blah blah.

Ask any airline executive about pilots and you will get the same response – that they are extremely overpaid. That seems a little harsh, especially as US pilots are taking considerable pay cuts to enable their employers to continue flying. But the Asiana pilots are doing little to dispel this stereotypical view and government intervention now seems inevitable. What are your views on pilots (or airline executives)?

From: Ian Massey, Republic Financial Corporation
Subject: Pilots

Commercial airline pilots get a bad reputation because they are paid a lot of money and many of them have contracts that require them to fly less hours in a month than many people work in a week. When frequent flyers then see pilots dead-heading in first-class seats as is often the case (United being the poster-child for this) it adds to the view that they are overpaid, over-privileged and under-worked.
I prefer to think of it this way. When is someone going to explain to these pilots that we have the technology to replace them altogether and, but for the trepidation of passengers who still believe that it is good to have a real voice in the cockpit, it is possible to fly without pilots. At the very least, with all of the systems at their disposal, it is difficult to conclude that a driver of a school bus has more responsibility than a commercial airline pilot. So pay them accordingly and let them sit at the back of the aircraft when they are not flying leaving the seats at the front for customers.
Is it too much to expect that airlines should serve their customers before their employees? We pay all of their salaries.

About Republic Financial Corporation
Republic Financial Corporation, located in Aurora, Colorado, is a privately held investment company with ownership interests in portfolio companies in commercial roofing, promotional products, corporate staffing, as well as the Internet and data services sector. The company also invests in distressed commercial debt, aviation, equipment lease portfolios, private equity and structured finance transactions and has invested in assets worth $1 billion. Republic was founded in 1971 and has achieved commercial success by structuring creative financial solutions and employing intensive due diligence and asset management to generate significant results. www.republic-financial.com
He's got to be a cheapskate who books coach and then upgrades to first. Not that there's anything wrong with that......

He's obviously pissed about seeing pilots in First Class, an clear impediment to his cheap entre into said seat.

The funny thing is, he's probably seeing a deadheading FlexJet pilot in FC.

Mamma said:
Is it too much to expect that airlines should serve their customers before their employees? We pay all of their salaries.

Is it to much for the flying public to quit bitching everytime a fare gets raised:p ?????!!!!! Maybe then pilots won't have their salaries slashed and slashed, repeatedly!!!!! First class is all we have, and there is no way we're giving it up:uzi: !!!!
"Ian Massey graduated from Loughborough University in England with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering in 1973.

"Mr. Massey began his career in the automotive industry with Ford Motor Company and moved on to Massey Ferguson, during which time he became qualified as an accountant.

"In 1980, finance and aerospace came together when he joined British Aerospace, initially in operational audit. He progressed within BAe through a number of financial positions within the headquarters and as finance director of the Hatfield site. In 1989 he became divisional finance director for the Regional Aircraft business of British Aerospace.

"In 1991, Mr. Massey moved to Toulouse, France to join Airbus Industrie as the chief financial officer. In this position, he reported to the supervisory board of Airbus and was a member of the executive board. From 1994, this role was expanded to include the customer finance activities of Airbus. Mr. Massey has also been a member of the Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc. board of directors since April 2001.

"Mr. Massey’s key personal objective during his time at Airbus was to see the consortium re-structured into a "normal" company. With the achievement of this step in 2001, it was his wish to take on a new challenge.

"Mr. Massey joined Republic in September 2001 and has executive responsibility for the Structured Finance, Private Equity and Aviation & Portfolio Groups as well as Corporate Marketing & Communications and myVine, an operating company owned and managed by Republic.
Ian Massey said:
...it is difficult to conclude that a driver of a school bus has more responsibility than a commercial airline pilot.

At least he got this part right, though I don't think it came out the way he meant.
Found it in AirFinanceJournal.com. The post that described Ian's background is appalling. He spent his career in the aviation industry and can still say something like this. It has to be the most ignorant statement I have heard in awhile.
Well then...

We can be replaced by automation, huh? O.K., buddy. Let's see how you like it when you check one of your family members in at the counter. Or, perhaps check them into a doctor-less hospital?

What an idiot.

Wonder what this guy's bonus and pension plan looks like? Wonder if most of us would consider HIM "overpaid" (like most of the cut-and-run execs in airline mgt. today) ??? Maybe the corporate world and so-called "free market economy" (what a joke anymore) is what should be restructured instead.

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