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John Hewlett

Jul 14, 2002
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Well hello folks,

I have noticed some interesting changes this week in the issuance of private pilot, commcerical pilot and flight instructor tickets. The FAA is from what I understand making an effort to lengthen the oral section of each of the tests on areas that deal with airport markings. I don't find this to be such a bad idea considering the amount of runway incursions in the U.S. every year.

I plan to finish up my commcercial rating here in the next few weeks. However I will most likely be left with nothing else to do in the aviation sector for a while. I am going to wait for CFI untill I get established in the part 141 environment. I think that should be the best thing to do. I am very interested at this point in getting my ground instructor ratings. I think that could keep me content for a while in addition to my acedemic work at Murray State University.

I noticed that we have some AGI's and IGI's here. From what I understand (as far as the FAR/AIM 2002 goes) one has to complete a knowledge test on the fudamentals of instructing, in the areas discussed in FAR 61.123. I was wondering a couple of things. Where is a test of this nature generally given? I am guessing that the FAA knowledge test on areas of flight operation is given at an FBO that gives regular FAA writtens?



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Mar 21, 2002
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You take the tests for the AGI, IGI and FOI at the same place that you take all your other writtens.

Here's a good piece of advice. As soon as you take your written for your CFI, turn around and take your test for the AGI. Same thing for the CFII and IGI. They come from the exact same question bank!

Good luck!

~ zoom


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Nov 26, 2001
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Ground instructor writtens

I agree with the above. Take your CFI and AGI writtens as soon as you take your Commercial. Take the IGI written as soon as you take the Instrument and CFI-I writtens. That's basically what I did. Take the FOI written during the same time you take any of the others.

My instructor got me to take the BGI written right after I finished my Private. I studied and took the FOI written, turned both written test reports in to the FAA with an 8710, and walked out with a Basic Ground Instructor certificate. Of course, I upgraded it when I took the AGI and IGI writtens and turned them in.

Good luck with studying.