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General Electric?

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Junior Birdman
Dec 6, 2001
Any info on GE's flight department out there? What kind of airplanes, how many, lifestyle etc...

I got the same e-mail. I was wondering myself.

But it's a mute point for me. I'm not going to move unless the pay/benefits are outstanding, which I doubt.
The one that said, "we heard you are an awesome pilot and would love it if you came to work for us."

You didn't get one....sorry. Might I suggest some more "Dual Received."

Just Kidding - It was an auto-email from AEPS. Makes you feel like it's worth spending $$.
this is from the GE website. They are also looking for a rotory wing first officer.

First Officer
Business Unit: GECORP: Corporate
Function: Operations
Location: Newburgh, NY
Requisition #: 280289 Posted: Jul 16, 2002

Job Description:
* Pilot company aircraft in accordance w/Company & government regulations.

* Execute forms required by Company regulations including flight plans & flight logs.

* Provide for the comfort of passengers in accordance w/Company policies & procedures as directed.

* Purchase materials & supplies or services while away from home base as directed.

* Assist the pilot-in-command in any way that will contribute to the safety and comfort of flight.

* Ensure the clean & tidy appearance of the aircraft, especially the passenger cabin. Verify & restock as necessary the inventory of commissary supplies.

* Perform duties of third crewmember if flight schedule requirements so dictate.

* Perform aviation related duties as assigned. Duties would include posting Jeppesen revisions located in Flight Operations, posting flight manual revisions, aircraft inventory checks, etc.

* Minimum 3,000 flight hours

* Unrestricted Airline Transport Pilot Rating

* Valid FAA First Class qualifications

* Maintain high degree of competency through self-study & awareness of improvement in the industry.

* Manage flight deck in effective manner, exhibiting necessary leadership & decision-making skills, seeking additional education & training as necessary to facilitate the development & consistent upgrade in these skills.

* Manage effective, professional relationship w/customers (who are the highest level of GE executives). A well-developed sense & knowledge of GE's overall business practices is encouraged.

* Participate in overall GE initiatives as required, including related training & project execution.

* Related areas of learning, such as general computer skills, statistical analysis, business, leadership & general management, are encouraged in order to facilitate effective participation in these initiatives.

* Corporate Captain Experience

* Jet/turbine experience

* College Degree preferred

Perform second-in-command duties for assigned flights. Assume the functions of the pilot-in-command should emergency conditions dictate.

We offer a competitive salary, outstanding benefits package and the professional advantages of an environment that supports your development and recognizes your achievements. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Contact Information:
Apply online below.

Pam Halligan
Last I knew they had 2 CL-601's, 2 GIV's, 2 BBJ's and 2 helos. Can't imagine the lifestyle at GE is all that bad.

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