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Well-known member
Dec 1, 2001
Just wondering if there are any Gemini guys who read this board?

I am currently sitting in the hiring pool at Gemini. I talk with HR every now and then, but they have little to say except for thanks for your continued interest.

When do you guys think everyone will be recalled?

What about expansion?

New Airplanes?

The future??

Life at Gemini is up and down. It used to be a lot better than it is right now. The company is in cost cutting overdrive and the future is uncertain. We currently have 8 DC10s operating as well as 4 MD11s. The MD11s all have solid long term contracts, as well as 5 DC10s. The other DC10s are busy with ad-hoc charter work and military contracts.

The type of flying we do is very cyclical - the last two quarters of the year are the busiest, with the 4th quarter being the peak time of the year. The company furloughed a number of pilots in January of this year, myself included. I was recalled in April and last week they announced a recall of all remaining pilots (not PFE's), effective September 1st. Whether this is a permanent move or just to cover the busy 4th quarter remains to be seen. If it's just to cover the busy flying, many of us will be furloughed again in January. Unfortunately, our prime business of ACMI flying has evolved to more and more charter work. This makes for interesting flying to unusual places, but charter rates are at an all time low and there is very little profit in it.

As far as the flying is concerned, the planes are in good shape, (especially the MD11s), and the flying can be very interesting. We have a few aircraft based in MIA flying to Central / South America; JFK flying to Europe and on the west coast flying to Hawaii, Alaska, Australia, and Asia. If you like long haul flying, you'll enjoy working here. Unfortunately, you WILL be away from home 16-18 days off a month in a row. If you are unfortunate to work a back to back (ie: the last part of one month followed by the first part of the next month), you'll be away from home for 5 weeks or so.

The biggest benefit in my opinion is home basing. You can live anywhere you like in the US and the company will buy you a ticket to and from your home. No jumpseating, No crashpadding, etc.. A positive space ticket every time and you earn frequent flier miles. Catering on our flights is very good and hotels on the road outside the US (where some leave a lot to be desired) range from very good to spectacular.

We just voted for ALPA, although nobody is holding their breath for a contract any time soon (Atlas took 3 years). As far as new hires are concerned, I really can't help you there. As you are in the pool, stay in touch with Sandy on a regular basis. As I said before, it really remains to be seen whether or not this recall will be permanent. If we can get a few more long term contracts the future looks good, however competition is really fierce right now.

Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.


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