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Gee, is life really that hard??


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Jan 27, 2002
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Guess with all the stuff thats happened over the last 12 months and with some of the postings you see on the board, you gotta ask yourself the question, should life be this hard?

How many of you guys out there just love to fly? go fly, have a few (F&*&&G heaps) of beers with the mates after you go flying, chatting up heaps of floozies down at the bars,clubs, having barbecues and regaling each other with the usual pilot BS, going out on the boat, doing fishing, drinking more beers, racing go-karts, drinking more beers, going snow skiing, drinking more beers, going flying, drinking more beers.

Too many people take it all too seriously I reckon, nows the time when we need to be getting back to normal and doing stuff we really enjoy - geez, now I sound like a boring wellspring of info, but seriously, this is one of the most social jobs/careers you'll ever find and 90% of the guys and girls you meet will be "A" grade great people in aviation, just a shame that a few spoil it for the rest - I guess for us that are in a major, we know this, but to the up and comers on the board, it is a great career and don't get swayed by the negativity you come across,life is not really all that bad and don't sell your soul to shonky operators and don't sell your soul to aviation.

I feel myself getting hypoglycemic - think I need another beer!


Nov 25, 2001
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I agree,

You could call it aviation employment "situational awareness". If you have a secure job, with great pay, life is looking good. If you are struggling with bills, resumes, and daily responsibilities, then concern is justified.

I think the best remedy during the down times is keeping busy. Reading, studying, posting here all helped me to keep things in perspective until I got "lucky". Remember, luck is the combination of preparation and opportunity.

Even when times are hard, try to keep a positive attitude.