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Gateway in San Antonio?

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New member
Aug 14, 2002
Just wondered if there are any fractionals with a gateway in or near San Antonio?

[commuting can turn a great job into a good job]
I misspoke earlier, I don't know of any, but EJA and Flexjet have domiciles in Dallas.
Only gateway for NJA in Texas is DAL.

However, they need to open SAN and HOU - there are a ton of people there commuting to DAL.
No, I actually live up here in North Dallas but praying that San Antonio will open up so I can move back to Austin.

I guess I could do it now but I'm not willing to drive 4-hours each way to get back-n-forth to work.
So how's that work for the people who do commute from San Antonio? Do they carpool the night before? Does NJ put them up the night before they report, or are they on their own? Is there a chance of deadheading with a carrier? Also, is there any talk of opening San Antonio? Is the union pushing for it?

Thanks for your input.

The contract says you have to be 100 miles or 3 hours away (whichever is less) on the day you start your tour. If you live outside of Dallas (or whatever gateway) it is basically up to you to get where you are supposed to be. The company doesn't pay for transportation or lodging......I knew that when I got hired so I don't gripe about it....that's just the way it is.

I don't know what the Unions position is on opening additional gateways at this time. With the contract they/we have bigger issues at the time. However, the rank-n-file is hoping we get additional gateways or go to a "fly from home" system in which you can basically live wherever you want. We will just have to wait and see what is negotiated!!! The point is that Cessna has a fairly large service center in San Antonio and guys drive to Dallas just to get on an airliner and fly back to San Antonio to pick-up an airplane!!

I have flown with a few guys from HOU and they seem to have fairly good luck on getting a JS with SWA. Before 9-11 it was easy but these days it can be more difficult if not impossible.

Are you in the 68th?

Hope this helps.
Hey, thanks for the info. Interesting comment on SWA JS opps.

<Are you in the 68th?>

Right now I'm leaving the 9th Airlift Sqdn in Dover, headed to the 99th Flying Training Squadron at Randolph. I'll be a T-1 instructor.

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