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FYI Garmin G3X 9.22 custom labels

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Forums Chief Pilot
Staff member
Oct 31, 1996
Type aircraft owned
Carbon Cub FX-3
Base airport
Today I updated my G3X Touch (Experimental) to the new 9.22 firmware version. For those that haven't done this what I do is connect to my battery tender and then turn on IBBS, MASTER, AV, and SERVOS because this firmware is not just for G3X but other components on the bus. The G3X updated and rebooted then I watched the process which was the G5 updating next which took longer than in the past, then the Intercom updated, which I haven't seen done before so that was interesting to watch the COM section of the data bar at the top show updating, and then finally in full PFD view I was in the top showed updating the GFC (autopilot). In all it took 5 minutes.

I noticed the EIS side panel now shows IBBS volts and I searched but can't figure out how to turn that off. Not sure I care to have that on the side EIS info screen. I'd rather have fuel remaining but Garmin hasn't implemented my suggestion yet, we'll see if they ever will. Garmin also changed the order of the voltages throwing IBBS out to the left side where it was 3rd from the left in prior versions.

I then wanted to go in and see how to change the labels on the voltage items in the G3X engine info page. A lot of people, self included when I was starting out can't remember the single bar with voltage on left and right side remember which is which. Left is starter and right is ignition backup. But let's look into actually labeling them as you can now.

I powered off the G3X then held the menu button and powered it back on and released the menu button when it said it's going into the configuration area. I then went to the engine / EIS (whatever it's labeled) area which is near the bottom of the list of buttons. I didn't see how to do this with any obvious way so as always get your phone out and take a picture before you change anything. I figured out it must be BUS 1 and 2 VOLTS where 1 is starter and 2 is ignition backup. This is for the CubCrafters FX-3 by the way, this likely will be different for other users. I tapped the button that had the title BUS 1 VOLTS and selected the bottom option for custom and bingo I got presented the option to label it. Use a brief name so I used STRTR and then did the same for BUS 2 which is IGNBU I think I used. I saved and rebooted and it worked, however, now that I'm using custom labels is separated my fuel info from electrical which I knew you could option for but I preferred the consolidated screen. I'll give this a try for a while and see how I like it.

Here are a few pics of some of the screens.


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