G-V SIC (Opa Locka, FL)


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Jan 9, 2004
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Re-posted with permission from www.AviaNation.com:

Company Name: Executive Jet Management
Position: GV SIC (OPF) Description: Location: FL-Opa Locka
Company Order Number: 04_08
# of openings: 1

Executive Jet Management, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is
seeking qualified SIC candidates for a 91/135 managed client
based at Opa Locka Florida. This position will be joining an existing
two person crew for a total of 3 crew members.

EJM Pilot Job Responsibilities:
Evaluate all risk factors and adjust trip as necessary to maintain
highest degree of safety possible.
Maintain a pleasant work environment through use of CRM
techniques, stressing positive interaction with passengers, fellow
crew members and support personnel.
Perform all post flight duties as required
Complete assigned administrative duties in a timely fashion,
(expense reporting etc).
Comply with government laws and regulations, and EJM policies,
procedures, and standards.

Candidates must meet minimum qualifications to be considered for
this position:
Client is only considering candidates currently residing in the South
Florida area at this time
Must have currency in the GV with international experience
Must have flexibility to work a schedule including multi-week
international trips.

Current First Class Medical
Total Time 2500
MEL 500
PIC 500
Instrument 300
Jet 500
Jet PIC 500
Minimum of 3 years of recent corporate aviation experience

To ensure a safe environment, we conduct pre-employee drug
screen and criminal background checks.

NOTE: A current resume and completion of the questionnaire
included with this job posting is mandatory for applicants in order
to be considered for EJM pilot positions. Address: EJM Corporate Headquarters:
Executive Jet Management
4556 Airport Road
Cincinnati, OH 45226

URL: http://www.executivejetmanagement.com/about_us/careers.asp