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FYI legacy guys (mostly)- Worker, Retriee, and Employer Recovery Act


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Dec 21, 2003
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NOTE: Please don't turn this into an ALPA bashing thread. Use all the other ALPA bashing threads for that purpose please.

For those of us that went through the bankruptcy process a few years back and received a taxable distribution of cash or shares through programs such as Employee Equity, Retiree Equity, and/or Employee Notes, you should have received FORM 8935 from your employer by now. I'm thinking DELTA, NWA, UAL, etc. You have until June 22, 2009 to take the figure in Box 1 and contribute an amount up to that distribution to a ROTH IRA if you want to.

I only bring this up because you're basically up against that deadline before you lose this nice little benefit, and you might not be familiar with what's going on if you're not paying attention. Your R&I guys have probably already sent you information concerning this Act, but in case they didn't or you missed it, you only have three months to make the rollover!