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Future Reference / Oshkosh

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Whine Lover

Well-known member
Jun 19, 2005
" Where is the airline tent? I asked at information and they had no idea what I was talking about. "

In the Future:

Just head to the Beer Tent....Then, look at the muddy footprints where the beer/condensation from the keg has leaked.

Look for any footprints between size 13-24 in the mud and grass, and this Klown-Shoe Imprint should lead you directly to the Airline tent.

Or, alternatively, just try to position yourself downwind and attempt to catch a whiff of dirty diapers, alcohol, and wet dogs. This will also lead you, almost directly, to where you need to go.

Asking starry-eyed kids, who have been hired temporarily for a Summer event, will get you nowhere....


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The airline tent. A bunch of poster board on a cork wall to write your name on. Impressive.
Keep your eyes peeled for a large target. I suggest Shipner.

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