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Future predictions?

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Well-known member
Aug 14, 2002
I want to hear as many rumors about regional airline hiring more pilots in the next six months as possible. Yes..we all know somebody...We all have heard a rumor. Lets see what everybody wants to believe out there! I just don't think anything is going to really change for the next year or two.

At least not until the majors bust up the unions lay off all the mainline pilots and put them in regional jets for less pay. That leaves the rest of us lucky to have any flying jobs at all.

Does anyone else feel the same? Discouraging huh! All of these regionals have RJs on order
Air Wisc. CRJs (United carrier)

Skywest CRJs (United carrier) Delta)

ACA CRJs (United carrier)(Delta)

Skyway ERJs could be some growth there?

Mesa CRJ700/900 Want to be the low cost US Air/Frontier/America west carrier

ASA CRJs (Delta)

Northwest Airlink CRJs(Northwest)

Comair CRJs(Delta)

The list continues so I can clearly see where the jobs are going!

All I see happening is a shift of mainline guys getting paid less to do the same service they have been doing. With little or no growth for those of us stuck at the bottom of the stack. Sure mandatory retirements are coming for a whole generation, and there is some growth but I'm not feeling the love here people!!!
But any day flying anything sure beats any other job I've had so your either in it for the long haul or your out....

Now if anyone has a positive thought they would like to share feel free

Open your eyes and take a look at what's really going on. With a few exceptions, regional airlines ARE hiring. Companies that fly Beech 1900s to RJ are hiring, and have been hiring. ACA is hiring a bunch of people, Air Wis is beginning to interview, ASA is hiring, ect...

They are even hiring people with 1700 hours like yourself. Some are even hiring with less than 1000 hours. There are plenty of jobs to be had.

Why do you want rumors when you can have the truth.


Thanks thats the kind of positive attitude I'm lacking! I've been sending stuff out like crazy lately I only hope it works! And believe me I know it will but I'm very impatient right now!!!
Well let me begin by saying I feel that there are going to be some major changes in the next month or so, I will be honest in saying that I am not flying for the airlines, however I do know alot of people high up both in the pilots and managment. If United tanks it is going to be interesting, my opinion is that the company will fire everyone and start over the very next day. You will have a $300,000 / year 777 Capt get fired one day and be called back the next day by United and say, "hello we would like to hire you for $100,000 / year" and the funny thing is that the unions cant do anything. The upper level managment knows that they can fire these guys and ask a Regional guy or gal if they wanna go and fly a 757 with a 15% pay raise and still have the company make out money wise. I am not knocking mainline guys at all, but, there has to be some reality in pay structure. That is just my feelings. All that I wanna see is everyone come out unharmed due to financials, I honestly feel for the guy that was living life 3 years ago flying his dreams and know may have nothing in a short period of time, not to mention the fact they have kids and a mortgage to take care of. I would love to see some humanity in this industry. Like I said it is just my opinion.
Don't forget about the upcoming pilot shortage, just bring your checkbook and in 6 months you too will be an airline pilot.

I don't know if you are aware of this, but BK is not a strike where both parties are free to seek self help(withold services/lockout). The debtor in possession or the trustee can make what I believe is called an 1113 filing to request abrogation of labor contracts. If UAL is unable to reach agreements with all of it's unions, this is likely to be requested and a hearing before the judge granted. Given the public(and unfortunately many of our "fellow" aviators) opinion of major airline employees, the judge will probably go with whatever the DIP or trustee asks for. At that time, the union can reject the contract and seek self-help, i.e. strike. That is when the company can just fire people and hire them back a day later at BS wages, not before then. The government tightened up the BK laws a little bit after getting tired of Frankie "Five Angels," tactics over at CO/PEX/TX/NY/FRNT/EAL.

Bottom line, expect ALPA to come in with a "new" deal first, just like Airways. The IAM will watch what's happening currently at Airways, but will likely come around last minute. The AFA will kick and scream, not give a dime until the judge takes it from them, and then they will whine some more and blame it all on the pilots, mechanics, and management(in that order and notice no mention of their leadership, or the BK judge). Things will very likely change, not quite as drastically as you've posted but they will change nonetheless. As for regional pilots going to UA to fly 757's at their current wages plus 15%, I guess we'll have to add some more pages and names to the "you be the judge," portion of the "yellow" pages. That said, I don't think we're going there though.

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