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Furloughed - Now Where? Need Advice...

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Well-known member
Dec 2, 2005
Hi All, 1st time post - Great website. For this post I'm really looking for info from active Fractional/Charter/Corporate Pilots that can give insight to the world of Charter/Corporate flying.

I did some corporate with my CFII/MEI who was a charter/corp. pilot in the late 80's and I liked the fact that the a/c were new and the destinations where always changing. The waiting around at FBO's and not knowing when you get home got old after a while but that's the nature of the beast I think.

I think I may have to work on my currency a bit as the last large a/c I actually flew was with Skywest in Oct 2000. Leaving there for NWA I had 7000 TT, 2000 Turbine PIC (EMB-120), 6000 MEL. I spent 1 1/2 years sideways on the 727 for 520 FEX hrs and now I'm back in the game with +/- 75 hrs Piston SEL C-207 in the last year flying Eco-Tourists down to Baja Mexico (yes it sounds fun and it is, but I need someone to show me the $$$

I'm starting to work some leads at my local airport in So Cal for some right seat jet time.

Would you stay in the charter /corp. world or try to get with a Net Jets/Flex Jet ASAP? Also anyone in a position of hiring in the So Cal area I'd be happy to hear from you as well.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and reply.


BTW - Low time pilots looking to build time flying SEL to Baja, please PM me if interested and living in the San Diego area.
Eco-tourists are those people that hate anything with a motor, don't want to hurt a fish, like to hug catus', when they "shoot" something they are talking about using thier cameras, etc. Very cool job BTW - just wish it had two engines and no props and payed A LOT more!!
Aw yes the crazy people who want to stop off road racing down there. Even though it will never happen. I could tell you some good stories about them getting put in the place by mexican officals.
I think I seen most everything you can imagine tried and done by loco gringos.

It's still fun to watch though!!
QOL for an Eco-Geek is great. Avg is 55+ years, very well off, and most have g-friend 20 years their junior. ;)

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