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Furloughed and Insurance

bin LAAidoff

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Dec 11, 2001
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Tip for fellow furloughees on insurance:

You can usually get much better rates on insurance out on your own versus COBRA. Especially if like myself, you seldomn use the insurance services provided. Cobra is easy, since you just sign the papers and pay, but can be very expensive.

I'm single, 30's, no kids. Company COBRA, $169/Month. Blue Cross on my own, $28/Month. Sure, company COBRA is much better coverage, but for $28/month, I've got catastrophic coverage, a $1000 deductible I think, and should something terrible happen, my parents, brothers and sisters wont need to decide if they should drain their savings and mortgage their homes to put me back together again, or fight a terminal illness. If the union was paying my COBRA, I'd take it, but self funded, $283/week unemployment goes alot further

At $28/month, nobody has an excuse to not have catastrophic coverage. http://www.bluecross.com is one place to start. Many other providers too. BC was easy, and app can even be downloaded.


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Nov 25, 2001
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Definitely dump COBRA unless you:

a: have a lot of money to waste and want to pay too much for insurance or,

b: have a pre-existing condition that wouldn't be covered.

My wife is pregnant and due this month. The 500+ dollars we paid COBRA to keep United Healthcare (AAs health insurance) this month is nothing compared to the bills we will rack up on the insurance in the next few days. I also got a vasectomy on the company's nickel since this will be our last child. Once she delivers and if everything goes normally, we will get rid of COBRA and go to Blue Cross as well. We had a Blue Cross catasrophic plan to tide us over between May and August of last year. The cost was very reasonable. I agree that everyone should have at least a plan to cover a major catastrophe. Good luck to everyone else in our current situation.