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Furlough pie....

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Nov 25, 2001
Today, I got a big mouthful of that furlough pie that so many of you have been eating since September 11th. My boss, who informally “contracts” for the services of eager flight instructors such as my self, no longer needs my services. Sure, I could grouse and complain about how I would run the school differently, but the fact of the matter is that nothing good would come of that. So, for those of you who have responded to my suggestion to come to my school for multi or other training, I thank you. With God’s help, I will be even more successful at my next location, and believe me I have a few locations in mind!
Perhaps I can further help those of you who are currently working on your certificates and ratings in the near future.

Until then, I will be here to help complain about the low pay, poor contracts, long hours, and PFT operators that we all ultimately accept as a part of this business that provides us with the flying that we love.
None of this will prevent me from having a Merry Christmas, and I hope that your personal troubles won’t stop you, either.
By the way, those of you leaving a good school for your next job can let me know. I don't mind a good lead....
what part of the country are you in? are you willing to move? instruct? clean out the potty seat? I'm sure that lots of folks around here will be willing to help if you give some info.

Good luck.
hard to believe even flight schools are down-sizing.
are you interested in 135 flying?
Nevertheless have a Merry Christmas.
fly safe
Ok, I'm willing to



clean the potty (I grew up on a farm....)

raise and lower gear

and be treated like last week's paper (several hundred hours of time logged in that regard)

Currently in beautiful Pottstown, Pa, between Philly and Reading (RDG)

Since my post earlier this afternoon, I've almost overheated my poor fax machine and used many minutes of cell time.

144 multi and 70 actual, over 500 dual given.

Anyone who needs more info or a resume, let me know.

PS: Shuttle America pilots- I have a resume at HR. Any help there appreciated, too.

Yes, I have been doing 135 copilot duties on the side, and flying the dead legs. I would certainly take on as much of that as is available.

Merry Christmas!

Sorry for the bad news, my friend. :(

I'd spam all the major 141 schools. Some still hire from outside. In fact, I suggest you send materials to MAPD, www.flightcareers.com. I understand that something like 300 Mesa pilots are on furlough, so the school may not be that busy. But it may be worth a shot. The real deal with MAPD is a chance to interview with the airline.

I also wouldn't stop spamming the commuters. The more you send the more your chances improve.

Other ideas for you are IFTA in Bakersfield and IASCO in Napa. The latter may be shot in the dark. IFTA may have some work; I heard from a friend that it now does initial screening of Alitalia students.

Lots of luck to you.

PS-Absolutely try to build 135 time and keep all your 135 letters. That most definitely will give you an advantage over those with just instructing time.

I just remembered, again, try Captain Mac at www.fcilax.com. His newsletter caters primarily to contract crews, but he does have leads for the less-experienced. I got a job through him. Captain Mac will give it to you straight and not sugar-coat it with false-positive platitudes, such as you get from the Kit Darby crowd.
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Majic 1200 hrs

1200hrs the majic number. At those hours you qualify to fly IFR 135, that sure is the direction that I would go.
I imagine that you are aware of Allegheny Airlines, since you're in their 'hood, but they are actively hiring right now. You are just shy of their minimums, but if you manage to visit a couple of times in Middletown they might just give you a chance. I worked there for six years and still consider them my 'home' airline.


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