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Ft Rucker

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Well-known member
Feb 1, 2002
I'm an ex A-10 driver just starting up with the guard and about to go to Rucker for the fling wing transition. I can't find a hell of a lot of info on it, and my unit is deployed right now. Anyone have any gouge/words/nice to know info?
Incidentally, I have zero (0) helo time, but I can speak Army OK. (ex-BALO).

I'm an Army WO, so I don't really know details about the AF-types on base, but I know this:

The AF guys are seperate from the Army these days, not integrated with the Army training as they used to be. Your academic classes are conducted apart from the Army. You'll fly the UH-1 out of Lowe Army Airfield (alongside Army UH-60's, a few Army UH-1's, and the Spanish Helicopter Battalion UH-1's). I don't know if the instructors are AF at all or if they are LSI contractors. I do know that Army UH-1s are instructed by LSI and Department of Army Civilians.

The AF uses the UH-1 (single engine Army type, not the dual N-model that the AF uses) for all phases of rotary wing training (primary/contact, instruments, and tactics). I don't know much about the phases of training for the AF. If I'm not mistaken, all of the advanced aircraft transitions (like your HH-60) are out of Kirtland AFB once you finish at Rucker.

Living at Rucker: if you intend to live off post, Enterprise is the way to go in my opinion. Daleville is a little closer, but there's more going on in Enterprise. Housing is pretty cheap off post. On post housing has a short waiting list, usually. Of course, I don't know if you have a family or how long you are going to be here.

Hope that helps somewhat.

- Juris

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