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FSI says free training for those involuntarily unemployed

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Camp Barnabas Bound
Jan 19, 2004
FSI Helps Pilots and Techs Who've Lost Jobs

FlightSafety International yesterday announced a "Proficiency Protection Program" designed to help pilots and maintenance technicians of business aircraft who have become involuntarily unemployed since Jan. 1, 2009.

FSI will offer recurrent training at no cost to pilots of business aircraft who were training under a full- service contract at the time of their job loss in an aircraft type on which they were training. Maintenance technicians who were enrolled in FlightSafety's Master Technician program at the time of their job loss can receive the next course toward their Master Technician rating at no cost. Complete program details, including eligibility requirements and training request forms, are at www.flightsafety.com.
No. They have to be 'unemployed' (ie - seperated from their employer) not 'furloughed' -- there's a difference.
Anybody applied to the program yet?

Has anybody applied to the program yet? I sent in my info on July 2nd and haven't heard back from them yet.
I submitted the form the same day that the deal started and got a letter last week with my approval..........

Thanks FSI !!
Can we "furlough" someone and hire them back after the free ride at FSI?

Weird, someone in aviation trying to take advantage of something good and they aren't even trying to hide it. The scum bags never cease to amaze me. Aviation makes lawyers and politicians look honest.

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