FSI - Intern Program


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Dec 3, 2001
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Flight Safety had an Intern program a while back with ASA where you give 800 hours dual, and then you are put into a slot for a job with ASA, just like you'd paid the bazillion dollars to go through the program. In reading some of the other posts it appears they intend to do this same sort of program with Executive Jet.

Did anyone out there go through the ASA intern program? I had considered it, but then 9/11 happened and I decided to hold on to my computer programmer job.

I've got my CFII and multi commercial. It would be pretty easy to add on an MEI. I suppose I could do it in a week or two.

If anyone has experience with this program I'd appreciate any information.


As far as I know, the program is dead. Of course things change daily, but the program was in place when they REALLY needed pilots. Now it's a little different. Keep your job, get as much multi time as possible. If you see something in the future (like one of those programs), roll the dice and take the leap! Best of luck to you.