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Well-known member
Dec 15, 2001
i just bought FS2002 and the first unusual thing i noticed that u can't crash the airplane even if you land on the nose. is this has something to do with the settings or they have made it like that. if its made like that then its sucks as there is no realism in landing whether u do a good or bad landing u'll survive. thanks....

Check that its three greens.....
It'll crash, I fly FS 2002 mostly for instrument practice, and I'll had it say a few times CRASH, though you don't see the details of it (like the nose wheel breaking off). Just go into settings Realism and activate the crashes. Its deactivated by default so Jow Blow can fly it.

Oh one more things before each flight you will have to set the trim, its horrible in its default setting.
Maybe its just me, but I can't ever get the acft trimmed correctly and quickly! I don't know what it is, but not having any feedback from the airplane makes it really hard. Any suggestions? Hard to practice approaches if you can't even trim right, lol...
I just set it to Neutral trim and hand fly it in the entire time. I have to pause it to do freqs and all that. FS 2K2 needs a little work.
I don't have FS2002 but in FS2000 what I do when the trim is giving problems is the same thing I have done in the airplane. Give it to Ralph the autopilot and let him deal with it. The autopilot will trim it out then it is much more pleasant to handfly.
I don't fly it very far, just mostly apporaches to practice the needles. Occiasionally I fly local VFR type flights.
With a CH Products Yoke it is pretty easy to hold your altitude. I got one for xmas. I think they are around $79 in the stores. I like it much better than a traditional joystick. At somepoint I would like to add the rudder pedal option.

If you are looking for a great cheap IFR flight sim look for Fly! 2K unboxed at places like Fry's Electronics and CompUsa. It will be where all the cheap CD only software is for $9.95 This is a great program. Don't buy Fly II it sucks you would be much better off with MS Flight Sim 2002.

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