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Frontier Intl. Jumpseat Question (Costa Rica)

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Am I wrong?
Jan 24, 2007
What can I say?...when it comes to hitching a ride home, either up front or in the cabin, you Frontier guys and gals rock (to the point that, when I need to buy a ticket home, I seriously buy with you guys...you earn it)!

Arse-kissing aside...I'm headed to Costa Rica this week for vacation and I'm looking at my flight options...which brings me to my question.

The girl going with me and I would like to hitch a ride down there to save a little money and time if it's kosher. We both fall under reciprocal jumpseat agreements between our airlines (I'm a DXer; she's an F/A). Obviously taxes would apply. Do any of you F9 guys accept OAL intl. jumpseaters?

Thanks much...
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I jumpseated (jumpsat?) on Frontier to Costa Rica last week, had no problem with it. In fact, the gate agents were very helpful and the crew was great.
I fly for a regional airline, so I get the impression Frontier accepts any and all offline pilots to CR. Have fun down there!
Appreciate the help, compadre.

As far as I know, our DX agreement is the same as the pilots and I found a copy of the F/A agreement and they let them ride to CR as well. Looks like we're good to go...

Did you just pay the taxes at the ticket counter?
You can ride in the cabin but NOT in flight deck (TSA rules). So make sure that a seat is available before you head to the airport since the flights are every other day.
Good luck
Ummmmmm, amt is kinda correct. You will need to ride in the back, however, we go EVERY day not every other day.
I only listed for the way down, so the tax was 3 or so dollars, although the full tax for a round trip is around $20, just pay it at the service counter before going to the gate. On your return trip, there is an airport exit tax of $26 per person that you pay before checking in...no big deal.

As they say down there, Pura Vida!

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