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Frontier Interview

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Dec 5, 2001
Low and behold, I just got called for an interview with Frontier. I checked the Aviation Interview and Will Fly For Food sites, but niether had any current gouge. Can anyone help me out with some information? Anything is much appreciated.
Great news!!!

did you have anyone write you a LOR?
and do you live in CO?

just wondering what it takes to get called!

as for the interview, I think I read somewhere that it is pretty straight forward talk with HR and Chief pilot. I don't think too much to worry about. there used to be posts here that go through the interview but not sure if they are still here.

Good luck!
Keep us all posted as to how you do!
hope you will let us know what class you'll be in!

Yes to both questions. I think the LOR was the key for me. When my friend dropped it off, they told him there was still a pool of pilot waiting for training so my hopes wern't too high. It took a month to get the call.
Their web site says they arent hiring for pilot positions so what is the latest?

Are there min qualifications?
I'm just guessing, but they probably have enough resumes on hand and have no need to advertise.

Sorry, I don't know what thier minimums are.

Stated mins are 2500tt and 500me I think, but the competitive mins are well over 5000tt these days.

Good luck on the interview Fizz. F9 is a fun place to work:)
they seem to like the colorado resident, F9 do you have any info on this? or does anyone? How do they view commuting?

Fizz when you get in, remember us...

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