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Frontier flight privi's

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Nov 26, 2001
My sister-in-law works as a customer service rep for Frontier and told me she can fly anywhere on any carrier but Delta. I told her I didn't believe her....is she correct?? Does this mean that she can fly on United as space-a??
I don't know exactly about Frontier travel privileges, but I can tell you as a former customer service rep most airlines at each specific airport have agreements between each other that allows employees to ride space available on each other, i.e. not the employees own airline. When they ride s/a on a carrier that is not their own generally they go on as the lowest pass classification. Hope this helps!;)
I don't know about CSR's, but we do have ID90 with most and $25 each way with others (recently including UAL.) We also have a great pass bureau that helps out in getting from point a to point b.
Sometimes CSA's have "airport" agreements with the other airlines. They reciprocate deals among the airlines at individual airports.

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