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Frito Lay

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They have two well maintained Challengers. These airplanes are ex-Pepsico at HPN. When the former Pepsico CEO, Roger Enrico's wife first saw them she remarked, "They look just like little pigs!" The next time she came to the flight department she had a small stone statue of a pig with wings and a card table with a flying pig logo. Both of these items still adorn the Pepsico flight ops. I know, I know, I'm breaking you up with these truly touching aviation stories...

While you're at Addison check out the Cavanaugh Flying Museum. Great collection by a guy that got his start in the janitorial service bidness. Most of the exhibits are still flyable and you can go up in a few of them. I flew a Ryan.


Frito has two Astras now. A new CEO came in and tanked the Challengers for... it pains me to say it... A...A...Astras. Don't ask me why. (No offense to any Astra drivers out there). This CEO is now at Pepsico and is making changes there as well. Changing a Gbird into a Citation X. This is a whole new thread in itself.

Good Luck,
We go out to SJC quite a bit, and just about every time there is one of the Astras parked out there. We always see it sitting out in the long term parking all plugged up, have never seen it fly in or out.

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