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Freeport-Bahama Vacation advice ?

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New member
Feb 11, 2002
Has anyone ever stayed at the all-inclusive resorts in Freeport?
A few in particular are: Resort @ Bahamia and Club Viva Fortuna.
The interline rates for the Bahamia is $45 per room and the add on for the all-inclusive deal is $90 pp/day - which sounds kind of high.

The Club Viva Fortuna has an all-inclusive deal for $60 pp/day total. I'm thinking about trying the Fortuna property but wanted to know if I should just splurge and go to the Bahamia or just go to a regular resort and rent room only and buy food and drinks at the marketplace.

I also have a interline deal with the Our Lucaya - $95/per room.
But I hear the food and drinks are a fortune - that's why I'm more leaning on an all inclusive package unless any of you have any better ideas to offer.
Do the all inclusive. I haven't been to the Bahama's yet, but I have been to 10-12 resorts in Mexico and Jamacia. The all inclusive have always been the best bang for the buck. If you have a rate of 135 pp for all-inclusive you won't be able to eat and drink (assuming you will want a few dozen rum runners) for 135 per day out in town. Plus, you don't have to mess with your wallet and money while on the property. I have heard the Bahama's are expensive in some area's for food. Everything there is shipped in, thus the high prices.

The only bad side to all inclusives is the food. It is usually very bland.

have fun
definintely do the all inclusive. stayed on paradise island-the atlantis. food and drinks at these resort will eat you alive. everything's very expensive. $12 a glass for house wine, $20 per person for lunch, etc. Have fun!!
My woman and I went through the same dilema last year. She was a travel agent and we had about the same deals that I was getting through Interline. It was my second time to the Freeport side of Bahamas. We decided on the non-inclusive Bahamia package. It worked out great. Some things that turned me off on the idea of all inclusive( for freeport) is that you are going to want to go out downtown to different bars and restuarants,near the shops and nightlife. Your dinner and drinks from the hotel can't follow you there. Trust me, it is fairly difficult to rack up the amount it costs per person for food in drink, unless you are trying to gourge yourself. I believe we would have had to spend over 70 bucks a day to equate the all inclusive package. Tough to do trust me. Remember if you decide to go down to the beach you will have to plan on not buying any food or drinks down there either if you got the all inclusive package. We did the Robinson Cruiso snorkling tour. (highly recommended!) Includes drinks and food and snorkeling for about 60 bucks a person. We got into town dropped our bags off and we went across the street to the International Bazzar, to the liquor store. Bought some Rum and a case of beer for about $30 bucks. There was a Mcdonalds across the street and plenty of good restruants in the International bazar across from the Bahamia for breakfast,lunch, and dinner at regular prices. We just did not want to feel limited to where we ate and where we drank. Have fun! We had a blast!

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