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Fractionals versus Airlines

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Well-known member
Dec 20, 2001
Hi Folks,
I wanted to get some thoughts on the The fractionals versus the Airlines with regard to a career.
I'm a furloughed 121 airline pilot that was hired by EJA and I'm really surprised how much I'm enjoying working for EJA. EJA is a professional company that makes you feel wanted. I plan on staying with EJA and hanging my hat there.
So is a fractional a good career choice?
-New Aircraft with the latest avionics
-Nice schedule
-Fun destinations
-Reasonable pay and getting better.
- great benefits
- no more Jumpseating to work (many gates to choose from)

I think so.
A Delta captain said last week that the fractionals are the future. He said that he no longer likes his job and doesn't look forward to going to work because of what the Airlines industry is today.

So, what are your thoughts?
I hope I can agree with you in another couple of months. I recently was offered employment with a fractional, pending the background check. I have no skeletons, so I'm hoping it clears quickly.

The airlines are great, but it was time for a change. I can only fly east of the Mississippi for so long before I get bored. The fracs have different destinations everyday, I'm really looking forward to the variety. Starting pay is fair, with rapid upgrades. I like the fact I won't have to commute to work anymore. We had too much competition for the jumpseat out of my home airport, usually one or two pilots got left behind.

When I started out, I wanted to fly the biggest equipment and make the most money. It's turned into a quality of life issue with me now. No more sitting reserve at a crashpad. No more hoping I get on the last flight home tonight, even though it's oversold by 10. I can see when I'll work for the rest of the year and make plans on my weeks off. Top end pay isn't major airline pay, but it's very comfortable. I'm looking forward to enjoying the decision I made. The airlines have been fun, but it's time to move on.
no right thing

There are a group of pilots who are really into the airline thing, like the same trips, a routine schedule, and big air feeling.

There are others who like something different every day, meeting some very interesting people, and being a bit more on their own.

None of these are right or wrong, it just needs to be right for you.

There are the American Airlines people and the Air America people, neither really longing for the others way of life.
yes the fracs and corporate are the future for the buisness traveller.

they just won't tolerate the new security measures, period.
4 hours in a line to fly from the bay area to LA ain't gonna cut it.
you could drive that route and get there faster.

Intel in San Jose has already figured that out before 9.11. Their employees fly a fractional fleet of jets (forget the name) from San Jose to Oregon daily as a private airline. HP does the same to Sacramento.

even the pleasure traveler will find that he and his friends can charter a king air and fly to Vegas almost as cheap as the airlines.
maybe cheaper.

so if your a furloughed airline pilot with low seniority, and you have an offer from a fractional, i would strongly consider resigning your seniority and get on with life.

besides, you won't have to retire at 60, just when your kids are off to the Ivy League at 60 grand a year.

good luck in your choice
Fellow Pilots, I am wondering just that. Exec. Jet Av. would enable to live in my home area, MSP, and not transplant my wife and child. But I have been with airlines for 17 years; just got furloughed by Sun Country. I was glad to read these posts. I'd really like to try Exec. Jet, if they'll call me. Good luck to all of us who brave different skies since Sept. 11.
I fly for a large frac, and it's nice having that company paid
paper ticket in hand to get home with. I could not imagine
having to jumpseat or fly standby when everyone is going to the same destination you are! Also, it's nice traveling on company time and not your own, and not needing that stupid crashpad. In fact, the only places we "crash" are at Hiltons and other fine hotels.
I have a friend who left the airlines for a fractional. He said he was fed up with the "Socialist Union Crap".
GoingHot said:
I have a friend who left the airlines for a fractional. He said he was fed up with the "Socialist Union Crap".

Hawk...is that you? Anyways.....Fractionals such as EJA have that same "Socialist Union Crap" you speak of...they are represented by the Teamsters. Unions are inevitable when pilot groups reach a certain size.

bigr said:
so if your a furloughed airline pilot with low seniority, and you have an offer from a fractional, i would strongly consider resigning your seniority and get on with life.

Pretty interesting advice from someone with 300 hours and some time in a PA-44.....
I'm a little biased. My ole man was a corporate pilot for a major corp for 25 years...and he also served on the board of directors for the NBAA for 10. So ive seen the aviation biz from a number of sides.

All you have to do is check the trade papers to see where aviation is goin.

we lived in the bay area and most of our family friends flew for United. they were always whining. nothin but labor trouble for years.

Im also an engineer and I refuse to stand in Line for hours to catch a shuttle to LA. They better work somethin out or the business traveler is gone (can you say what happened to 60 percent of my revenue?).

And now i got Tom Lockjaw and Dan Blather breathin down my back because some nut flys into the B of A in Tampa.
I won't even be able to rent a plane without a top secret clearance.

Maybe the John Madden style bus is the wave of the future.

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