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Fractionals direct Majors?

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May 10, 2002
A quick question...
My eventual goal is to fly for a major airline. In today's economy, people will probably laugh at that, but hey... I'm young and not quite jaded. Currently, I am in the process of becoming the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor at my flight school which is a well-paid job. Due to financial obligations (read: student loans), I do not want to take a pay cut by going to the regionals. I know that fractionals have more favorable pay scales than most regionals which is why I would like to work for them. Is it possible to transition from a fractional to a major airline or is that a difficult bridge to cross? Any information would be sincerely appreciated.

Let me say this, that the airlines love fractional pilots alot, they fly to many different airports, are all typed, and have very good experience backgrounds. Eja lost a bunch last year to the majors, I for one had an interview set up with Delta back in July untill they cancelled it on me due to a hiring freeze, it will be awhile untill the airlines start hiring again, but I was told that the airlines have been interested in hiring from the fractionals more than the regionals due to the reasons above. My company was loosing between 2-4 pilots per month to the majors when they where hiring.
Good Luck
The majors don't really care where you get your time from. I flew part 135 bizjets all over the world. I gained so much more valuable experience than I would have flying commuters between a dozen city pairs. And the pay...it doesn't even compare. Good luck.
I wish fractionals were around when I was stuck at the regional level. Great experience, great equipment, great flying, better pay than a regional, and they are run like an airline. If I was starting out today that's where I would be.
Yes, the Majors like Frax pilots.

I've been at a fractional for almost 4 years, and I'm in the hiring pool for SWA. The vast majority of the pilots that leave the fractional I work for leave for the Majors. The ACP will look good on a resume, but be careful not to get too much "dual given", use the job to buildup some total time, then get some good multi and turbine.

Good Luck
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