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Fractionals 101

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Working for Mr. Henry
Feb 21, 2002
Hey gang,

I'm currently one of the many regional FO's whose upgrade has been "just a few months away" for the last year. I can't complain too much--good job, good company and I live where I want--but there is not much movement going on right now.
So I've been thinking about fractionals, but--as my subject line shows--I know little to nothing about them. I think I meet the mins for most (5300TT, 1500 Pt121, 2500 Pt 135 PIC) and was wondering what if any kind of hiring was going on at FlexJet, EJA, Flight Options, etc. What are the upgrade times at each? How are the schedules and the lifestyle? Also, I live near PDX--Do any of the big fracs use PDX or SEA as a gateway?
Thanks for any help you can give. Again, I like my current job and employer, but just wanted to see what options are out there. Thanks and take care.

Ex commuter

I was at the regional for just over 3 years. I went to a major, got furloughed, now I fly at EJA. When I was at the regionals I had the blinders on and thought it was the best gig going. Man was I wrong. I had a good schedule and captain on a turboprop, and had travel bennies. Screw that. I can't believe how much work I did for crap money. Leave now when you can. Come to the fractionals where you can have a career and a lifestyle and stop whoring your pilot skills out. If I had to do it all over again I would of left the commuters as soon as I could for the fractionals. Especially after Sept 11th, the fracs are the place to be. Good luck and make the good decision.
Flight Options


Here's the deal at Flight Options:

Schedule is 8 on/7 off. Domicile: You can live wherever you want so long as that airport is served by three airlines and has six flights a day. You should live less than two hours from your domicile, because they can give you as little as three hours notice if you are on reserve at home. This would leave you with some time to get through security, park, etc. Upgrade is, at this time, somewhere around two years. But I am sure that SIC pay is better at Options than at most regionals. Any more questions? Good luck.

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