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Fracs vs. Regionals....Who cares...

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Pilot Guy
Nov 25, 2001
Why does it matter which is better. If you really want to fly for a regional...then do it! If you really want to fly for a frac, then do it!! You only live once.

All I can say is that I like my life on the regional side of things. I have two good friends at EJA, one loves it and the other hates it.

As far as schedules being bad at the regionals, that is not true. I am a E120 captain at ASA, and my schedule is considered the worst because I am on reserve. But, I like it because I live in Atlanta and have a two hour call out. Even though I only get 10 days off a month, in November I only flew 4 days, but still got paid for 77 hours. Although that was a good month, the average amount of days I have flown per month since August (when I upgraded) is 13-14. (usually about 40 hours/month)

And as for pay, I make the same as my friend at EJA that is a 3rd year Ultra captain. Plus I like the flight benefits too!!

But that is my perspective...

Moral of story....As long as you don't hurt anyone, sell yourself out, or break any laws....DO WHAT YOU THINK WOULD MAKE YOU HAPPY!!! That will be most important in the longrun.

Good luck, btw if anyone needs info on ASA feel free to email me.

SFR aka Shroth

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