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Fracs v. 121

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Nov 25, 2001
After enjoying the frac v. corporate thread, I thought I'd start a new debate....

I would love to fly for a fractional some day...like the concept, but the pay isn't on par with airline flying....yet(?) No non-revving, but lots of FF miles...

I'd like to hear from both sides of the house, particularly from dudes who have done both!


Chunk <---currently (for 6 more days) making bucks from flying....IN THE BACKSEAT! :(
Frac vs. 121

The Wall Street Journal just had an article about the Frac pay. The forcast at EJA is to be around 100% increase. That is in line with the airlines. Atleast it's closer to airline pay and if you would prefer that type of flying then what's a few bucks?

As for the Non-Rev, it is getting tougher all the time. The nice thing about the Frequent Flyer Miles is it is a ticket, you get to go, you don't have to worry about getting bumped when you are going on that vacation you've planned for a year. The other nice thing is you get the Hotel points and rental car points when flying for the Frac's. The Hotels will not let the Airline guys collect the points for their stays. If you learn how to do this right, you can go on vacation for practically nothing. I've taken my family skiing in Breckenridge the last two years for free! That's a pretty nice perk. So maybe when the pay does come up, those perks bring the two industries a little closer.

Good luck
Re: Frac vs. 121

CE650SC said:
The Wall Street Journal just had an article about the Frac pay. The forcast at EJA is to be around 100% increase.

Wow... The article in Pro-Pilot about the fractionals talked about how they all lost money last year and that there isn't a lot of room to move the pay upward.... Should be interesting to see which way this goes...
Isnt that the name of the game?? " no we did not make any money, so we cant give any raises".....but the ceo's still get there fat million dollar bonuses.

Of course you are not going to show a profit if you take all the money and purchase more a/c and build new building or things like that. If they company isnt making money, then how can you justify those bonuses?? Well aome people say that you need to keep the big shots happy and around becasue they are the ones that made the companny to begin with.

I say "BULLSH!T". they are there because you keep feeding them the big money. Management does play a part, but the EMPLOYEES do ALOT to make all the money.

Unhappy employees equal less productive, less motivated people. When you ask for a quick turn, they may not move as quick simply because they are not happy or motivated because of the pay.

Money WILL motivate people like you would not believe. I sure hope that the fracs get more money....especially eja. more money will only put us at standard pay for what we do....a KICKA$$ contract will hopefully put us at the top.

One of the top complaints here is money.....i dont buy the whole "we didnt make any money" line.


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