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Fracs & Guard/Reserve Flying

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Well-known member
Jan 8, 2002
Anybody know how the Fractional companies view their Guard & Reserve pilots? i.e. flying their 2 weeks per year and one weekend a month etc..? I know numerous guys who work for the majors and do it with relative ease, but don't know any fractional guys doing it.

Also...what's the status of taking military leave to work as a full time Reservist? Will they hold your line number or is this frowned upon. I know that during times of crisis they're supposed to hold your job if you become activated, but other than that, I haven't heard.

Flexjet used to make you take your guard time in lieu of vacation.. so you kinda got double pay, vacation pay from flex and guard pay also, You wound up with no time off because you used it on guard duty.............. If you were called up on active, that wasent a problem.

At Executive Jet we have SDOs. (Scheduled Days Off) on the 17 day
schedule. You simply give crew scheduling an SDO form or e-mail, 2
months prior to any day or days off, and you get it, without hassle.

If you work the 21 day schedule, they'll build your monthly line
around your military week-ends at your request.

If you are senior enough to hold the 7 on, 7 off, schedule, just make sure
that you can hold the bid line for the week-ends off that your training
requires. If you can't, you can default to the 17 day work month, and go
back to requesting SDOs. I hope this all makes sense...we have quite a
few Guard and Reserve guys here, and the company seems to try to
work with them.

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