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Fracs and airline seniority

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Well-known member
Jan 21, 2002
Hello all,

would you folks please detail the policies of your respective companies with regards to an airline seniority number for a prospective new hire at the fracs. ie Would I have to resign my number to get the job?


Fly safely
Here is what I know

At Flight Options, they don't really like to look at furloughed guys, BUT, they do require you to give up your seniority. They want a letter from your CP or something like that stating that you have been taken off of the seniority list. At Net Jets, they require you to give up your seniority but I am not sure of the method there. At Flex Jet, they not only require you to resign, they also want a letter from your parents or initial caregivers that they will personally take you out of any will if you go back to the airline, ever. (The Flex Jet thing was made up, I have no idea about them)
Someone made this point to me:

Say you're the chief pilot of an airline that's furloughing. You get a letter in the mail explaining that Pilot "X" needs to resign his number to get a job.

What do you do? Whatever it takes to help the poor guy get a job? Most likely. Do you erase his name off the seniority list? Probably not. Why would you? Doesn't really help you any, does it?

Just something to think about.
yes, netjets requires a resignation letter be sent.

however, during the comair strike, letters were sent to comair mgt. when the strike was over, many pilots left netjets (eja then) and went back - the letters were disregarded.

i guess what happens depends on the co you're fuloughed from.

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