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Forest Firefighting ANG Units?

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Does anyone know what ANG or AFR units are involved in forest firefighting?

I thought I saw C-130 units help out the regular firefighters.
Peterson AFB Reserve unit
Channel Islands
are a few...I don't know them all, but you can find out from the national AF Reserve/Guard web page.......
We had a local newspaper write an article concerning military firefighting in Washington state. Interesting thing is that the contract flying for firefighting must be "used up" before the military can be used. I suppose if it is an emergency, things change. It is the Congress at work some time ago that wrote that law. They also talked about how "old" the planes where, concerning the 2 inflight crashed that happened not too long ago. A law where the military has to sell airplanes to contractors that are non essential or something like that. Non essential has a different meaning in the military. Apparently, the last one sold was in 1997 or so.

I wrote this from memory so if someone knows better, please let me know.

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