For those of us in the SWA pool...


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Nov 27, 2001
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Hi gang:

It appears SWA is going to be scheduling classes over the next few months. I know many of us are wondering, "Where am I swimming in the pool? Deep-end, shallow-end, standing on the steps?" Anyway, I remember when a bunch of us were in the UAL pool (about a year ago) we kept each other advised via this forum with info on class assignment vs. interview date, medical date, and final acceptance letter date. I'd imagine this info would be very helpful for anyone, including yours truly, who is treading water in the Love Field Pool.

Okay? So... I'll start this thread (with the pertinent information):

B737 Typed on Nov 6th, final letter dated on Nov 7th.

Of course... no class assignment yet. Okey-dokey... y'all fire away!!

Regards and have a safe holiday season

UAL737inLA (still working on new "handle")

PS: Hey, "Flipper" is the state of Californy gonna pay fer dat there type ratin'??