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For the Women.

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Jan 24, 2002
A freind of mine wants to go to the Women In Aviation(?) convention in Nashville during March. She wants me to tag along but am I going to be bored to death while she's at these seminars all day? Will there be anything for guys to do there? To bad I'm not into country music. :) Thanks in advance!
I'm not a woman but I do have some info. WIA does not discriminate. What that means is that men are invited. I was going to go to one with my female roomate last year but I got junior manned. Apparently there are always a few guys bumping around at the events. Network, network, network.
For the Women

Um.. Joe,

I'm sure you can find plenty of ways to spend your time.

You have a captive audience of FEMALES who like to race throttles. Make us proud!
Yeah, all the airlines will be there, you could talk to them and see if you can get a job. Also, they hand out lots o free stuff at these things too, so take a large bag with you.
the best

I attend a pile of conferences and seminars all over during the year. The WIA has tradionally been one of the best/

First of all, as it is a politically correct place to be, you meet a good many senior executives, aviation icons. and recruiters. The speakers are good and the audience sprinkled with interesting people.

Peggy Chabrian is going to be on Avcareer.tv tomorrow at 2pm
What's The Problem?


Did I miss something? You're a pilot and you're going to an aviation conference. Seems like a good place to network and learn something. Besides, Nashville is a great place. Make the best of it.

Go for it

I went to the WIAI conference last year and it was one of the better ones I've been to. As AWACoff mentioned, WIAI is open to men and women and doesn't discriminate. It is a great way to network, and anyone who is hiring usually shows up. All the info is on wiai.org on the web.
Good luck to all.
give aways

Wiggums is right,

They gave away some great stuff last year like fake Laetherman tools, swiss knives, flashlites, etc,,,, trouble is most of it is illegal now....could not bring it home

Guys are always welcome...and it would be nice to see a few to socialize with in the bar at night! 3,000+ women are pretty good odds on your part....Also, like everyone said, the networking opportunites are excellent. Be sure to bring a current resume and get a pass to the exhibit hall. You might also consider getting registration to go to the seminars yourself.

PS- I thought the best giveaway last year was the Beechcraft bounce & glow ball! :D

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