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For SWA guys-gals: 737 versions

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New member
Jul 20, 2002
I understand that SWA does not split the crews in -200, -300, -700 groups and that anyone can fly any version...

Is this true? How is the standarization and recurrent training done?

Could someone provide details?

Thanks in advance!

Actually we at SWA fly the -200/-500/-300/-700.

All the jets are pretty much the same to fly. In DAL we are no longer teaching the -200 differences. All the -200's have been moved to the HOU/DAL bases as there are only about 26 of them remaining.

Recurrent training is done in either the -300 or -700 sims, no one does recurrent in the -200. Come to think of it, we don't even have a -200 sim.

There is a -200 qualification program for the folks that want to stay current on the -200, other than that unless you are HOU/DAL based you don't have to fly normally.

Hope this helps,


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