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? for recent EJA 560xl indoc grad


New member
Dec 1, 2001
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I am currently in the indoc class and have already done the sim training. Do you know what I can expect during the aircraft training? I have heard rumors of a giant essay test during the AC training phase. Can you tell me what happened to you.
Citation 560 Excel


Barton Pearl
Dec 11, 2001
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I'm an IOE-IP in the Excel.

In CMH you get two days of aircraft specific ground training, followed by a written test. This training is basically reinforcement of what you should have learned in your type training, but is covered to make sure FSI didn't leave any holes.

Your flight training in CMH consists of a four leg flight around Indiana and Ohio in which you do single engine approaches and various other emergency procedures along with some normal enroute procedures. It's not a check-ride per se, but if the instructors find any serious shortcomings you stay in training in CMH until they are corrected.

Everything in our training is oriented toward getting you up to standard, not trying to bust you out. Apply yourself to the tasks at hand and you should have no problems.

Then you get to go out with someone like me. We are not equipped with 28 volt cattle-prods as you may have heard (the company limits us to 14 volts).

Hope to see you on the road.